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Your gift to the PULSE annual fund makes an immediate and lasting impact on the Sigma Kappa experience,
helping sisters in need, championing personal development and leadership programs, 
and allowing the Foundation to underwrite programs that address the needs of our members.
Thank you.

This page does not fully reflect the dollars raised and the number of donors who supported this event.
These numbers will continue to change for several days.



Leaderboard by Chapter


$6,711 donated


$6,041 donated


$4,990 donated

Beta Eta

$2,887 donated

Beta Tau

$2,856 donated

Epsilon Omega

$2,550 donated


$2,452 donated


$2,284 donated

Delta Iota

$2,223 donated

Epsilon Kappa

$2,175 donated

Theta Lambda

$1,989 donated

Theta Omicron

$1,120 donated

Gamma Lambda

$1,099 donated

Epsilon Nu

$1,000 donated


$984 donated

Gamma Gamma

$982 donated

Delta Alpha

$968 donated

Alpha Delta

$915 donated

Gamma Eta

$819 donated

Alpha Theta

$746 donated

Kappa Eta

$676 donated

Epsilon Epsilon

$632 donated

Gamma Beta

$629 donated

Zeta Pi

$600 donated

Zeta Upsilon

$599 donated

Alpha Gamma

$585 donated

Alpha Omega

$508 donated

Beta Theta

$500 donated


$500 donated


$486 donated

Alpha Chi

$444 donated

Delta Tau

$411 donated

Theta Iota

$374 donated

Theta Kappa

$365 donated

Alpha Phi

$328 donated

Epsilon Zeta

$320 donated

Gamma Phi

$315 donated

Theta Tau

$315 donated

Theta Eta

$312 donated

Epsilon Mu

$303 donated

Beta Omega

$296 donated

Theta Xi

$287 donated

Kappa Zeta

$286 donated

Delta Eta

$282 donated

Zeta Kappa

$276 donated

Theta Psi

$257 donated

Theta Rho

$257 donated

Epsilon Xi

$257 donated

Delta Theta

$239 donated

Theta Phi

$231 donated

Gamma Kappa

$223 donated

Kappa Gamma

$219 donated


$212 donated

Beta Zeta

$212 donated

Theta Alpha

$206 donated

Zeta Omicron

$206 donated

Delta Sigma

$203 donated

Epsilon Tau

$203 donated

Beta Xi

$197 donated

Delta Chi

$193 donated

Zeta Zeta

$193 donated

Gamma Psi

$193 donated

Lambda Iota

$187 donated

Beta Sigma

$187 donated

Epsilon Rho

$187 donated

Gamma Epsilon

$187 donated

Zeta Epsilon

$179 donated

Alpha Iota

$179 donated

Theta Upsilon

$166 donated

Theta Theta

$159 donated

Gamma Tau

$157 donated

Beta Chi

$142 donated

Delta Nu

$141 donated

Gamma Theta

$129 donated

Beta Upsilon

$126 donated

Beta Mu

$122 donated

Beta Nu

$108 donated

Beta Epsilon

$103 donated

Alpha Omicron

$103 donated

Alpha Alpha

$103 donated

Delta Psi

$103 donated

Gamma Mu

$103 donated

Gamma Alpha

$103 donated

Gamma Chi

$103 donated

Theta Nu

$103 donated


$101 donated


$100 donated

Delta Rho

$100 donated


$100 donated

Delta Upsilon

$94 donated

Delta Mu

$77 donated

Delta Delta

$76 donated

Theta Delta

$71 donated

Epsilon Delta

$63 donated

Epsilon Lambda

$56 donated

Epsilon Beta

$51 donated

Gamma Nu

$51 donated

Delta Beta

$51 donated

Theta Epsilon

$51 donated

Theta Gamma

$51 donated

Theta Omega

$51 donated

Zeta Mu

$51 donated

Zeta Nu

$51 donated

Beta Psi

$51 donated

Alpha Epsilon

$50 donated

Gamma Iota

$50 donated

Kappa Beta

$50 donated

Lambda Theta

$45 donated

Epsilon Eta

$45 donated

Gamma Zeta

$44 donated

Gamma Pi

$44 donated

Beta Kappa

$44 donated

Alpha Sigma

$26 donated

Epsilon Chi

$26 donated

Gamma Omega

$26 donated

Kappa Lambda

$26 donated

Kappa Mu

$26 donated

Kappa Xi

$26 donated

Lambda Zeta

$26 donated

Zeta Omega

$26 donated

Zeta Xi

$26 donated

Zeta Delta

$26 donated

Theta Chi

$25 donated

Kappa Rho

$25 donated

Kappa Alpha

$25 donated

Kappa Psi

$24 donated

Lambda Alpha

$19 donated

Zeta Iota

$19 donated

Zeta Phi

$19 donated

Delta Pi

$19 donated

Alpha Beta

$19 donated

Alpha Kappa

$19 donated

Kappa Omega

$10 donated

Kappa Iota

$10 donated

Theta Zeta

$6 donated

Top States by Donor


74 donors


52 donors


44 donors


33 donors


32 donors


29 donors


20 donors


18 donors


16 donors


16 donors

Ways to Participate

  1. Make your gift!  Choose from our Challenges below to unlock a matching gift or simply click on the GIVE NOW button.
  2. Share this giving page with friends, family and on social media.
  3. Check here to see if your employer will match your donation and DOUBLE your impact. After making a donation and receiving the pop-up confirmation page, scroll down to add your employer information and start the match. 
  4. Share the ways YOU benefitted from the Sigma Kappa experience. Use #1874MOG. 

Battle to the Top of the Leaderboard

Chapters are battling it out for more than just bragging rights! College Fresh, a national campus food provider, will provide a catered brunch (family day or chapter anniversary) for the chapter whose members
raise the most during the 1874 Minutes of Giving.
What a wonderful way to win a prize for your chapter of initiation!

**If a closed chapter wins, another type of event will be hosted.

Active Challenges

Black Members of Sigma Kappa

Foundation Trustee, Marisa Wilkes, Theta Iota, challenges all members of the Black Members of Sigma Kappa Affinity Group as well as those who support the group, to make a gift during the 1874 Minutes of Giving. The first 25 gifts to this challenge will unlock a gift of $500 from Marisa.
16 of 25 donors

California Dreamin' Challenge

Calling all members who live in California or went to school in California. Lynne Walter, Lambda, is challenging you to make a gift during 1874 Minutes of Giving. If we raise $5,000 for this challenge, we'll unlock a gift of $5,000 from Lynne. Let's go #westcoastbestcoast!
$5,845 of $5,000 raised

European Alumnae Chapter Challenge

Sisters of the European Alumnae Chapter are challenged to participate in this year's 1874 Minutes of Giving. The first $500 in gifts will be matched, dollar for dollar, by Marsha Traub, Epsilon Nu.
$668 of $500 raised

Founding Year Challenge

Let's celebrate our founding year! The first 50 donors to make a gift in honor of our founding year (think $18.74, $187.40, $1,874.00) will unlock a gift of $2,000 from a generous donor!
51 of 50 donors

National Housing Corporation Volunteers and Staff Challenge

These past two years, the NHC volunteer team was the first national team to hit 100% giving to the Foundation. This year, Ann-Marie Fontaine wants to see that happen again and will match up to $1,000 in gifts from NHC volunteers and staff.
$3,081 of $1,000 raised

National President's Playlist Challenge

Have you ever wondered what Sigma Kappa’s National President Ann O'Connell Adams has on her playlist? Well you’re in luck! Ann is challenging YOU to make a gift to 1874 Minutes of Giving! If we raise $1,500 toward this challenge, donors to the 1874 Minutes of Giving will get access to an exclusive Spotify playlist full of her favorite songs!
$1,560 of $1,500 raised

National Volunteer Challenge

National Volunteers...DOUBLE YOUR IMPACT! Tawny James, Epsilon Omega, wants to see all national volunteers make a donation to the 1874 Minutes of Giving and she will match the first $1,500 in gifts.
$1,979 of $1,500 raised

Sigma Kappas in STEM Challenge

Julia Kent, Theta Lambda, and Susan Cathey, Beta Eta, are challenging other sisters in STEM to join them in support of 1874 Minutes of Giving. The first $3,500 given to this challenge will unlock a matching gift from Julia and Susan.
$3,619 of $3,500 raised

Tau Chapter Challenge

Alumnae of Tau Chapter at Indiana University are challenged to give during this year's 1874 Minutes of Giving. $2,500 in gifts to this challenge will unlock $2,500 in gifts from Tau alumnae, Teresa John, Julia Kozicki and Dawn O'Connor.
$2,808 of $2,500 raised

Theta Chapter Challenge

Thetas! Time to shine and make your gift to the 1874 Minutes of Giving. The Theta Corporation Board will match the first $2,000 in gifts.
$2,130 of $2,000 raised

Xi Chapter Challenge

Rock Chalk Jayhawk! A generous Xi alumna wants you to support the 1874 Minutes of Giving and is going to match the first $3,000 in gifts. Let's show our KU spirit!
$1,093 of $3,000 raised



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